Ready to expand your life?

Have you lost sight of what’s important?

Do you feel restricted in your daily life, held back by your own stories?

Do you yearn to write your own lines and enjoy it, but can't connect to your dreams?

Do you want to make a larger impact on the world doing something you love, but don't know how?

Do you want to take it to the next level, but feel limited?

Within us all lies a creative power capable of transforming our lives into an extraordinary adventure. Our offers give you the possibility to reconnect to this power and transform your limiting beliefs and fears into creative skills. You will dive into an infinite ocean of possibilities where you will define yourself in each new moment and recreate your reality.

Expand your life, now!

Our services

Our 'Alchemical' approach focuses on the subtle sense of what it means to be human, and how our abilities to conceptualise, understand and act determine the outward expression of who we are. We will accompany you as you reveal your entelechy: your powerful inner potential, that once expressed will allow you to consciously create each moment of your life.

Transmute Transmute - Leadership presence

The aim of our work is to accompany you towards a deeper knowledge of who you are, revealing your inner gifts and strengthening your presence as a leader. We help you to overcome your limiting beliefs, expand your intended impact and to commit to conscious behaviour. The "prima materia" is your whole person, the crucible of this liberating transmutation!

Formula :

A customized and structured program of one hour every 2 weeks for 6 to 12 months, in person or on-line. Home assignments and support.

Results :

  • self-awareness
  • initiating emotional management and use
  • clear vision and purpose
  • capacity to meet challenges and agile decision-making
  • ability to inspire others

Enhance Enhance - Team Coaching

"The purpose is whatever we choose, the choices are whatever we do, and the relationships are whatever we have." We help teams to become more aware and develop more meaning in their relationships, foster more autonomy and be able to respond quickly and effectively to the internal or external pressures that they face. We help you establish, transform or enhance relationships by identifying and promoting awareness of their unique gifts. Thus, anyone can become an active player and invest intentionally in the relationship. We will then assist you in unlocking the relationship’s potential and achieve a connection that safeguards the interests and common goals of all the players involved. Our desire is to make ad hoc tools and techniques available for you to continue this work independently.

Formula :

A personalised accompaniment of 4 to 6 sessions, in person or on-line.

Results :

  • conscious management of conflicts
  • managing change
  • partnership bonding for better efficiency.
  • improving decision making
  • giving life to a vision
  • choosing a partner

 foresee 2  Foresee - Akashic consultation

Spiritual guidance that will bring you clarity & inspiration, as you will access the library of information that is available to you. And will address & resolve current challenges and issues in your life.

Some questions you may come with:

  • How can I make a larger impact on the world doing something I am passionate about and still making a living?
  • What is my unique purpose in life?
  • Is this the right relationship for me, or is my "soul mate" still out there?
  • Why can’t I get over this dis-ease?
  • Am I holding myself back?
  • ... etc.
Akashic consultations are also available for businesses, organizations, partnerships, support groups and communities (up to 15 persons). The consultations are very helpful in order to determine the overall purpose of the group, and to learn about and work better with the energetic components of the group as they manifest in life. Some questions the group may come with:

  • What are our individual roles in the group?
  • How can we best work together?
  • How can we best impact the world? What is our collective purpose?
  • How to attract more customers?
  • … etc.

Formula :

for personal consultation: 30 or 60 minute consultation online for group consultation: 90 minute consultation online

Results :

  • find the answers to your questions
  • overcome your challenges
  • find inspiration, define individual or collective purpose
  • deep appreciation and self-acceptance, ...

Transform Transform - Individual Coaching

Beginning with the "prima materia" that you bring to each session, we will develop your self-knowledge: your strengths, senses, passions and limitations .... and together we will initiate a lasting transformation. We will also bring the tools and techniques that will allow you to continue this transformation autonomously.

Formula :

8 to 10 one hour sessions every 15 days, in person or on-line

Results :

  • enhanced self-confidence
  • accountability and efficiency
  • improved communication and interpersonal skills
  • increased energy and performance

Our philosophy

We know there is a place deep inside you where the magic is still alive. This is the energy that makes dreams possible. Flexible and adaptive, it contains within it, all our resources and knowledge. It is the foundation of any changes we'd like to see in ourselves, and in the world.

The lessons from the past are constantly renewed.

Being the alchemist of your life is to sit in the driver's seat of your own life. To have not only the power to decide where we are going, and design our future, but also the opportunity to continually rewrite the history of our past. We can all develop our capacity to understand what happened in our lives, to better build our future.

The deep conviction that the answer is within you.

To create your life yourself, is to acquire the deep conviction that we carry within us the answers to existential questions that underlie our life. Traditionally, we presuppose that these responses are elsewhere - we turn to books, dogmas, experts, parents ... But we all have the power deep down to find these answers, diving deep within ourselves.

Who are we?

team We are a powerful team.

foresee you brings together senior international coaches and healers, who are all certified and have recognised experience in various sectors. The company was founded in 2013 by Cecile Randoing, MSc, CPCC, ORSCC, PCC, MBTI I & II practitioner, Akashic Records practitioner and healer, Council Guide. She brings an unparalleled +20 years experience mixing spiritual counselling, coaching, consulting and managing business. Cecile likes to call herself a "fire keeper" as she is dedicated to support her clients to reconnect them with their inner fire, their own wisdom and dreams. Her approach is systemic, highly intuitive and self-authoring. She engages leaders who are committed to positively impacting their organizations and communities, and who are willing to play at the edge.

We are a unique combination ... a "philosopher's stone"!

Each coach and healer has enriched her/his coaching approach with tools and techniques from various backgrounds: Quantum physics, Ancient and Tribal wisdoms such as Delicate Lodge and Toltec, Akashic Records practitioner, Alchemy, Life Science, Taoism, Energy healing, … etc.

We are Alchemists.

For over 2000 years alchemy has been present in different artistic and scientific practices in the East and the West. It is much more than the misguided attempt to turn lead into gold. It is an ancient tradition whose objective is the transformation of an ordinary person into an extra-ordinary human being, and a normal daily life into a life imbued with meaning and passion. Transforming lead into gold refers to the possibility of raising consciousness, to the miraculous ability of human beings to evolve towards more refined expressions of themselves, their natures more powerful and complete.

Our mission? Expand Life!

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foresee you SAS |  France


The experience of ‘foresee you’ coaching was truly transformative for me.

I contacted ‘foresee you’ because I was looking for someone to help me reflect on my life, wondering what would make it more fulfilling, especially on a professional level. I knew roughly what I did not want, but then to find out where I wanted to go forward was something else. The experience of ‘foresee you’ coaching was truly transformative for me. With deep listening, her out of the blue questions and intuition, my coach helped me better understand my deepest aspirations, and the ingredients I would need to become fully myself Marketing Executive officer - Chemical Industry (France)

A mixture of challenge, a kick in the ass at the right moment, and unconditional encouragement

I felt more and more unhappy in my professional life ... I gradually began to understand that a decisive choice was being offered to me that would give more meaning to my life. All that remained was to take the plunge, ie agree to leave a "comfortable" (but stressful) executive position and take a leap into the unknown ...! ‘foresee you's contribution was crucial for taking action. A mixture of challenge, a kick in the ass at the right moment, and unconditional encouragement (which inspired confidence) ... With ‘foresee you’, you work on yourself, but there is action too! And this is what I needed.

Corporate Executive (France)

I felt a change take place in me

After six months of sessions with ‘foresee you’, I felt a change take place in me that I will summarize as follows:

  • Strengthening of my position as a leader
  • Refocusing and anchoring of my values and my needs
  • More trust in my intuition
  • Newly found and developed self-trust
  • Serenity at critical moments
  • Improved team cohesion and responsibility of each member

Site Leader - Healthcare industry (Switzerland)

‘foresee you’ is helping me to return to a more balanced and empowered state

The coach’s calm sense of curiosity allows me to open up to the dark parts of myself and learn to understand them better, and thereby return to a more balanced and empowered state. Her easy laugh when things begin to feel too serious helps me to continue and stay on track. She holds up the light while I choose the direction, speed and distance. This is crucial for me in learning to take more responsibility for my life. It is also a great confidence builder as I move towards a more positive and joyful future. I always feel safe working with my coach, and am very satisfied with the progress that I’ve made so far. Entrepreneur – Services Industry (Ireland)

She was truly encouraging

My coach was truly encouraging, loving, supporting entrepreuneur – Services Industry (UK)

Push outside my comfort zone

My coach challenged and supported me to push outside my comfort zone. Coach (US)

Kind of a master

My coach, a strong lady, well established in coaching, kind of a master. CEO - Services industry (US)

The results are spectacular

‘foresee you’ accompanied the management team for 6 months, the results are spectacular. In addition to having a better knowledge of our strengths, and an alignment with corporate issues, we now have the ability to constantly adjust our operating modes and adapt. Executive committee - Financial Services (France)

The team has become more powerful and agile

‘foresee you’ accompanied the management team for 4 months. The team has become more powerful and agile. In addition to strengthening the team, the team members themselves, have developed individually, with a ripple effect of group dynamics on individual dynamics. Management team – Retail industry (France)

The results of this coaching largely exceeded our expectations.

We are two partners and used ‘foresee you’ during a major change following an acquisition. We were able to clarify our common project, align our efforts and consolidate our operating modes. The results of this coaching largely exceeded our expectations. Founding partnership – IT industry (Switzerland)

foresee you helped us to become a REAL team

Our HR team was not operating at its best, a lot of tensions and waist of energy. It became urgent in the global context of our company to evolve. foresee you helped us to become a REAL team : collaboration, trust and harvesting the collective intelligence. HR team Europe – Manufacturing industry (US)

Working together is much more efficient now

  Our team experienced a lot of tensions and conflicts. We learned how to embrace conflict, learn for it and grow together. Working together is much more efficient now Operational management team – Technology services industry (UK & France)

A work in depth on a limiting belief replaced by a liberating mantra

I particularly appreciated this approach because it honours my value n°1: feel free to move with free will. A session guided, with benevolence, by energies and feelings. A work in depth on a limiting belief replaced by a liberating mantra, congratulations and thank you!  – Marketing Director (France)